This superb product replaces damp stale air with filtered fresh air which eliminates condensation, prevents mould growth, and significantly reducing radon levels. The unit is mounted out of sight in your attic space. It runs constantly filling your whole home with clean fresh filtered air. The attic space acts as a pre-heater to the incoming air which makes for a very energy efficient yet low cost way of ventilating your home. It is highly effective at eliminating condensation and is widely used in both public and private housing in Ireland and the UK. Some of the amazing features and benefits include

• Immediate improvement in indoor air quality
• Whole house solution
• Installed in the attic out of sight
• Eliminates condensation and streaming windows
• 5 year warranty
• Highly energy efficient
• Removes toxic mould growth on walls
• Great for asthma sufferers and those with breathing difficulties
• Reduces radon levels