Workplace Radon Detector. EPA registered testing service. Compliant with workplace radon legislation. Phone 053 9004227 for bulk prices.

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Workplace Radon Detector. Meets all requirements for workplace radon testing. Approved for use by EPA.

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Workplace Radon Detectors are the same detectors as used in the  Home Radon Test Kit (same price per detector). The only difference is the test protocol. The Office of Radiological Protection (EPA) recommends seasonal adjustment factors for home radon testing but not for workplace testing.
Employers Obligations:workplace-radon-tester-for-sale-online
  • Employers have a responsibility to ensure that they are not exposing their employees to excessive levels of radon – more than 400 Bq/m3.
  • Testing must carried out for 3 months in accordance with the  EPA(Office of Radiological Protection) workplace testing protocol
  • The legislation regulating radon is The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005 and The Radiological Protection Act, 1991 (Ionising Radiation) Order, updated in 2000 by Statutory Instrument 125 of 2000.

To test for radon you will need:

  • 1 detector for each ground floor office (including basements).
  • Open plan offices – 1 detector for every 200 sq. m. of floor area.
  • Warehouses / Production areas – 1 detector for every 400 sq. m. of floor area.
  • Toilets, storerooms or other unoccupied rooms need not be tested.
  • Canteens and meeting rooms should be tested.
  • Work areas or warehouses that are open to the outside with good airflows are not required to be tested.

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