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What is Radon and can radon cause cancer?

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas which comes from the radioactive decay of uranium in soils and rocks. In the open air it dissipates harmlessly but in some buildings it can accumulate to dangerously high levels. The degree to which your building suffers from radon problems depends on the type of soil beneath the floor, the structural quality of the building and local weather conditions.

And yes, high levels of radon are linked to lung cancer but there are things that can be done to help. If you have a concern about the risk of cancer from radon in your home it is comforting to know that there are steps you can take today to minimise risk.

There is a simple solution to a radon problem in your home. But first you need to test your home to find out what levels of radon you are exposed to. You can buy an inexpensive radon testing kit from our online shop. This kit is approved by the EPA, it can be posted to you and is the most reliable way to test radon in your home. It comes with clear instructions and after the test period it is returned to us for analyses.
So high levels of radon, what’s next? We are here to reassure you that treating radon problems in your home will cost less than you think and will not involve major disruption to your home.  All Clear Radon are EPA registered and have 20 years experience carrying out radon mitigation work in homes and business.  Radon mitigation work takes about a day, is clean and does not involve lifting floors or any internal disruption to your home or office. The work can be carried out for an average cost of €1000.

 All Clear Radon also experts provide a range of products specifically designed to improve poor ventilation in the home. Radon problems are often caused by poor ventilation. But there are also many other negative consequences to having poor ventilation and condensation. It has been linked to asthma, allergies, pneumonia, fatigue nausea, dry eyes headaches and nasal congestion. Other effects poor ventilation can have on the home are dampness and mould, mould can damage belongings, cause musty smells and create a number of health issues. Dampness will deteriorate the building fabric in the long run. Improving ventilation will quickly correct dampness and air quality problems in your home. Our Home Ventilation Products provide cost effective home ventilation solutions and are selected for long life and durability.

The benefits of using All Clear Radon products are:

• Reduces the risk of lung and other cancers
• Reduces the effects of asthma, allergies, and other illnesses
• Cost effective solutions over the long term
• EPA registered and approved
• Over fifteen years experience in the industry
• Tried and tested methods of reducing, radon, poor ventilation, mould, mildew and rust
• Eliminates odours and musty smells from the home or office
Long life and durability.
All our products have been tried and tested over many years and are used widely in Ireland by County Councils and other public bodies.  We are also experts on radon mitigation and have extensive experience in solving radon problems in homes and workplaces. Call us today for help and advice on any radon concerns you may have.


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