We are the longest serving and most experienced radon mitigation  contractors in Ireland. Over the past 20 years we have successfully carried out radon mitigation work in thousands of buildings in Ireland  and have  acquired a  depth of technical expertise in this area.

If you find you have high radon levels we can carry out all the necessary works to reduce your radon concentration to safe levels. Typically radon mitigation works can be completed in a day without damage to internal floors and without disruption to normal activities in the building.

The most common methods of radon mitigation  include.

Sub floor depressurisation. This is simply the installation of an extractor fan which draws radon out from beneath the building and expels it to the atmosphere. This the most effective way to reduce radon levels.

Positive Input Ventilation. The is a unit which blows fresh filtered air from your attic into you home.  It is a very energy efficient way to ventilate your home and reduce both radon levels and condensation.

Passive Ventilation.  This usually involves putting air vents into rooms which don’t already have them. Improving the natural passive ventilation of your home helps to reduce radon levels. It sometimes is sufficient in houses that have marginally elevated radon levels.

Activation of Stand-by Radon Sumps. Many home built since 1998 have a stand-by radon sump already installed. This is to facilitate the easy installation of a radon extract fan. many home owners who have a stand-by sump will buy a  fan and install it themselves. It is is relatively straightforward to do a DIY fan installation. We supply DIY radon fan installation kits with full instructions for this purpose.