Did you know that poor ventilation and high radon levels are closely linked? All homes need good ventilation in order to prevent mould growth which is a major cause of asthma and lung ailments, particularly in children. Poor ventilation is a also a major cause of radon gas build-up which can increase the risk of lung cancer. So all homes need suficent ventilation to protect the health of the inhabitants and to protect the building itself from deterioration.

Many homes, including modern homes, have inadequate background ventilation and inadequate extraction from bathrooms and kitchens. Many off the shelf bathroom fans have insufficient extraction rates and don’t last very long.  Our range of bathroom and kitchen extraction fans are specially selected for the proper extraction rate and for longevity and have stood the test of time.

In addition to our extraction fans we have whole house PIV (Positive Input Ventilation) units which supply fresh filtered air to the home 24/7. They are specially designed for whole house condensation control and have the added benefit of reducing radon levels in the home.

So the many reasons to buy from our range of fans include.

  • Our fans are optimized for appropriate extraction rates, long life and ultra low power consumption.
  • All homes need good ventilation in order to provide a healthy living environement.
  • Our fans control condensation and eliminate moulds which cause asthma and other ailments.
  • Our PIV units supply filtered fresh air to the home. In winter the incoming air is tempered by a small heater. They are proven to reduce radon levels.
  • Ventilation and radon are closely linked and all homes should be tested for radon
  • Our fans help prevent deterioration of the building.