Did you know that all home need a good ventilation system in order to prevent mould growth, avoid asthma and other illnesses. It is also important to note that you might feel you are avoiding a poor ventilation problem by buying inexpensive extract fans in a local hardware store however these fans often don’t have sufficient suction capability and don’t last very long.  You should always have a fan that extracts the poor air from you bathroom, utility room and kitchen.  Our other product range includes fans that blows ambient air into the house have been proven to reduce radon levels. The many reasons to address a ventilation problem include


  • All homes in order to be healthy need good ventilation.
  • Poor ventilation causes condensation, causes mould growth, causes asthma and other ailments.
  • Poor ventilation increases radon levels, increases risk of lung cancer
  • Most condensation comes from bathrooms and kitchens.
  • The Radon Shop units are optimized for superior performance, long life and ultra low power consumption.
  • The Radon Shop fans extract moisture laden air from the bathroom, utility room or kitchen.
  • The PIV units blow ambient air into the house. The unit has a small heater which tempers the incoming air in winter time. They are very effective at whole house condensation control. They are proven to reduce radon levels.
  • Ventilation and radon are closely linked and all homes should be tested for radon